Why SimpleLife?

We believe getting life insurance should be accessible, affordable and simple for everyone.

  • We pride ourselves on the level of customer service we provide.
  • Over $1B in placed coverage
  • Trusted partners
  • How is SimpleLife different from other life insurance sites?

    We’ve set a high bar to make SimpleLife the only insurance site you’ll need. That means we:

    • Offer all the top life insurance companies so you don’t have to shop elsewhere
    • Provide the most accurate online quotes, without requiring any contact info from you
    • Explain what you need to know in plain English so you don’t have to research elsewhere
    • Don’t sell your info off to life insurance agents as a “lead.” Our team is with you from start to finish.
    • Stand by our best price promise. If the insurer approves your application at a different rate than what we quoted, we’ll shop your offer around to see if another life insurer can beat it.

    All this service at no extra cost to you.

  • Are the life insurance quotes on the SimpleLife site accurate?

    We like to say we’re in the business of no surprises. Our life insurance quotes are the most accurate available online today. Other sites take your basic information and show you the best health class and price. That’s not the right way to quote. We collect more health information upfront to show the most accurate quotes possible (as long as you give us accurate information).

    If the price on our site is higher than you’re seeing elsewhere, for the same policy, that site may not be showing you an accurate quote. Over 80% of policies we sell are within $10 of what we quoted online.

    If our site can’t instantly quote you (which happens when someone has a more complicated health history), one of our licensed advisors can custom quote you.

  • Shouldn't I buy directly from a life insurance company?

    There’s no reason to (and a very big reason not to).

    First: you don’t save any money by buying directly from the life insurance company. By law, the price you get from a given life insurance company is the same through them, or through an agent or broker.

    Second: the rate you get quoted may not be the rate you’re approved at. Life insurance companies do a process called ‘underwriting’ in which they look at your health history and risk profile to determine whether the rate they quoted is actually accurate. If you apply with the life insurance company directly, and you’re approved at a different rate, you’re stuck. They won’t help you figure out if you can get a better offer elsewhere. If you apply through SimpleLife, we’ll shop that offer around to every life insurance company we work with to see if they can beat it. No extra work for you and no extra cost.

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